Who am I?

Green beetle*

Mattia Junior

Ehm.... ok, this photo is
old, but now I am even
more gracious! :-)

 My name is Mattia and I was born back in
1966. When I was a child and they asked me "what would you like to be when you grow-up?"
I answered "the dwarf! ".
Actually, I was born in order to be a multi-millionaire, but (as everybody knows) life is unfair, very unfair, so I have not seen even the shadow of the billions and I had to resign myself to studying and, later on, to working.

 I have got a diploma in Violin, I am fond of electronic circuits auto-construction and I love computer: I could stay in front of the PC for 24 hours a day without never being tired, and I would like to find someone who payed me to do it.

My first Beetle
My first Beetle:
a "German" of the '67.


My actual Beetle
My actual Beetle:
a "Mexican" of the '84

 I love good music (classic and jazz), good cuisine, vintage wine and companionship (especially the one of beautiful women ;-)).
In short, I am a plain person, one of those people who don't ask themselves "big and tearing existential dilemmas" (or they have stopped asking), and they not even ashamed!

 I have carried out this Web just for pleasure, with no intention of competeing with other Web site about the Beetle of better and higher quality. In any case, if you like this Web site (but even if you don't like it at all) I would appreciate to know it: I will answer to anybody.

* *Red beetle

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