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In this page are collected only some of the many funny cartoons that in the course of the years have seen the Beetle as protagonist.


VW Beetle in love


beetle cartoons 1 beetle cartoons 2
The Rajà has taken the decision to
modernize the tiger hunting, but also
to be faithful to the tradition.


beetle cartoons 3
Something must be happened to Bill,
his "Volks" is coming back without him....



beetle cartoons 4
I'm afraid that sooner or later you will end
to damage someone in your convinction
that the Volkswagen can do everything!
beetle cartoons 5
Filippo, I really hope your trust in the fact that
the Volkswagen never sinks, will never sink!



beetle cartoons 6



beetle cartoons 7 beetle cartoons 8
Tell me the truth...
isn't it a brilliant idea?



beetle cartoons 9
We hope he doesn't notice that the
truck-trailer brakes are blocked!



beetle cartoons 10
And just think that on Y56 they believe
the terrestrial technology is primitive...
beetle cartoons 11



beetle cartoons 12
"It's really true...
the Volkswagens are watertight!"



beetle cartoons 13
You might hear birds singing, my darling, but
actually it is the shock absorbers creaking!




Great part of these cartoons are taken from book
"The Car of the Century" by Filippo Massa, 1999 Alkalea Editions.
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